One Hour Sooner is a multimedia report on the lives of three Iraqi Kurdish farmers who live with war in their backyards.

With few resources and no desire to abandon the land their ancestors have cultivated for generations, the farmers are left to wait out a dangerous war with seemingly no end as their families remain in danger. One Hour Sooner—a line that comes from an interview with a farmer living near the front line when talking about how he wishes for the war to end immediately—seeks to bring light to this tragic mix of environmental and cultural destruction as costs of war. 

One Hour Sooner is more than just a story about how farmers survive war. It is a story about people living on the margins of society; whose voices deserve our attention, and whose livelihoods are in danger. It is a story about how we value land, treat the environment and how our stories of dealing with conflict change over time. There are lessons to be learned in helping us understand the generational impacts of war—lessons lost if we don’t try and meet with those caught directly behind the front lines.